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About ReWed

Let's face it, wedding items are used only once for a few hours.  In most cases, couples are able to buy practically brand new gently used wedding items at a fraction of the cost.  At the ReWed wedding resale events, not only are you saving money and having a fabulous wedding, but you can get all of your shopping done in one place.  We even have gently used wedding dresses for sale with access to a great alterations expert for on the spot quotes.  After the wedding finding a way to resell your wedding decorations or consign your wedding dress.  Your items get exposure to hundreds of brides and you are bound to walk away knowing you've made another bride or groom very happy.

About the Founder

   Hi I'm Stephanie!  I got married in 2013 and all of my decorations, flowers, cake and even my veil was DIY.  As fun as it was to do everything myself for the wedding, it never occurred to me what I was going to do with the 40 faux flower pomanders, 25 vases, 30 DIY paper lanterns etc (basically 3 carloads full of stuff) after the wedding.  After 3 yard sales, several facebook group meetups and giving stuff away to friends, a year later I was finally rid of all of my wedding decorations. 

Having participated in craft shows as a vendor, I thought, how amazing it would have been if there was a place where I could sell all of my stuff.  After talking to friends and family, I realized I wasn't the only one having this issue, thus came the idea of a wedding resale.  Our very first wedding resale show was held in June 2018 in Stafford, VA and was a great success!  

I am also the proud owner of an engraving business called Milestone Marketplace.  Currently I sell my personalized items on Etsy and in several shops in downtown Fredericksburg.  You can find out more about my business by going to www.milestonemarketplace.com or on Etsy, www.milestonemarketplace.etsy.com